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How to Make E-Mail Forwarding Accounts
Work for You!

Email forwarding accounts are used to help eliminate spam and unwanted mail. You use a forwarding account until it gets too much spam. Then you set up a new forwarding account and tell all of the people you want to know your new e-mail address. Finally, you delete the old forwarding account.

We will set these up for all Associate and Professional Members as part of your membership package. You can set up your own if you prefer. Here's how easy it is:

Step 1 of 3 Steps

Set up a free e-mail account that allows you to handle several e-mail addresses such as Yahoo or G-mail; or pay for the account you prefer. We call this your main account.

What you need is one main account that will let you create and use several different e-mail addresses. We call these other accounts your forwarding accounts.

Start with one forwarding account.

The intention is to never give out your main account information. Give out your forwarding account information. When that accounts starts getting too much spam, set up a second forwarding account.

Your intention is to phase out of the old and into the new without alerting the spammers. So you start answering e-mails from your new account and telling the recipient to use your new e-mail address. Never respond to spam! Just delete it and forget it.

Step 2 of 3 Steps

2. We will set up as many forwarding accounts as you need for your business. We suggest you start with one and add as many as you need. But it's your decision to do what you prefer o do.

For example for a company named "My New Business" we could set up any of the following e-mail-forwarding accounts: or or or or coach@snaoa or or or or or or several more...

We have a couple of dozen e-mail forwarding domains for you to choose from.

Step 3 of 3 Steps

3. We will forward all of the forwarding accounts to your e-mail account and make this forwarding system work for you. When you're ready, let us know and we'll help you pick some great e-mail addresses for your business

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