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Fan Websites!

Your friends and clients can say things about you that you can't legally say. Let them. Ask them. Encourage them.


Because people who read the things you say about yourself, seldom believe you. But almost everyone believes what somebody else says about you.

If you understand that, you'll do everything you can to share what other people say about the good things you did for them.

The good news about the Internet is you can use it to print what other people said about you:

1. in writing, or

2. verbally

Yes, you can write what somebody said about you.

What about Client Confidentiality?

Great question. Don't ever violate client confidentiality. Here's how:

1. Say what they wrote or said according to your memory.

2. Sign the statement so nobody can figure out who said it.


1. Use initials like: M.J in New York or C.M in Denver

2. Use feaures like: Cancer Free in OK, Happy Face in Los Angeles

3. Use psudonyms like: Farmer in Des Moines, Lioness in Chicago

4. Just use initials like: J F, F O, R.A.F.

What are the rules? Be honest. Keep it simple. Use the words they did.

Does it help? Only if you consider getting 25% more clients to be a helpful. That's the minimum you should expect. Most people report 40% - 50% more clients on average after they add a fan page.

What's the best way to create a fan page?

1. Have an independent party like Secret Registrations register your domain name. That's who we use.

2. Build -- or have someone build you -- a Fans website that references you and your work. Make the site look different than your site. Manage the content by using the workd your clients and friends used. Use a secure host. You do that to keep hackers and vandals from ruining your website.

What's the best name to use?

1. Fans of (your name), Friends of (your name), Happy with (Your Name), Like (Your Name), (Your Name) Really Helped Me, (Your Name) is Great!

2. Fans of (your company name), etc as above.

3. Choose something that people in your part of theworld might say.

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