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Quality Web Hosting

Because We Want You to be Safe


As a professional you need high quality professional hosting services. Anything less is fraught with danger to your business. Look for quality.

Here's the Good News About Our Servers:

Our servers are secure. This gives you better protection from hijackers, hackers and vandals.

We call that good business.

Our servers are really big. You have all the memory and storage you need for your professional website. You can have as many Gigabytes as you need. You can even store valuable documents that nobody else can access for any reason.

We call that unlimited memory.

Our servers are really redundant. You can have hundreds of visitors at the same time reading the same things. They can stay for as long as they want.

We call that unlimited access.

Our servers are really hefty. Your visitors can download everything you want them to download as often as they want.

We call that unlimited bandwidth.

Questions and Answers

Q - What's the best way for me to I build my website?

A - Nobody can build it better than you can. It's easier than you think.

Q- Don't all of the free Web Builder Software people charge a high price to host uour website that you can't move?

A - Yes, a lot of them do. If you're not careful you end up paying a lot of money for hosting your website. Buyer Beware: Avoid free web building software with a monthly fee. These fees increase and the only way out is to delete your website.

Here's the Good News:

Some very good web building software costs less than $50.00 US and you can host your website wherever you want to host it.

Q - If I want to hire somebody, how much should I pay?

A - Some web designers ask very high prices. Avoid them. Check your local newspapers, Craig's List and similar publications. Look for designers charging $25.00 a hour and ask them for a firm bid on the number of pages you want created. That should figure out to about $35.00 a page.

Q - Are there some free hosting plans?

Y - Yes there are some free hosting plans, but most of them come with a price:

1) Annoying advertising on your website that turns most people off. The worst advertising actually refers your visitors to a competitor for a fee.

2) Mining of the address and contact information of visitors to your site by tracing them while they're visiting your site. Miners sell this information to marketing companies and your visitors get spammed.

Here's the Good News:

3) We include the cost of your high quality hosting services in Associate and Professional membership fees. You actually pay for your hosting, but you pay less than normal prices because we're a nonprofit association. We have a great price and you really can't beat it -- not for the high quality hosting we provide.

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