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Save Money on Insurance

Insurance premiums for natural therapists are scheduled to double and almost triple this year. The reason is too many poorly trained (paper mills -- see note) professionals are entering these professions. That's not good.

Here's what you can do to save money on insurance:

Option 1 - Become certified by NTCB as a Stress Management Coach

Option 2 - Become certified by HCCB as a Relaxation Therapist

Option 3 - Become a Professional Member of HCANA

Option 4 - Become licensed as a spiritual healer, coach or health coach

Option 5 - Set up a nonprofit education association and work for it

List of articles to read about these things:

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How to Become a Relaxation Therapist

How to Become a Stress Management Coach/Specialist

How to Become a Spiritual Healer

How to Become a Professional Member of HCANA

Note: Paper Mills are illegal in the USA and Canada because they charge fees for issuing fake credentials. If you didn't work hard for your certification, you probably are a victim of a paper mill operation. Legitimate certification boards are legitimate independent agencies accredited by legitimate accreditation bodies.

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