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Become a Spiritual Healer

Spiritual healers are also called spiritual coaches, spiritual health coaches quantum healers, quantum coaches and quantum health coaches.

There are two very importent things you need to know about becoming a spiritual healer of any kind:

    • The only way to be safe is to become licensed by a license board that belongs to the Federation of Spiritual Healer License Boards (FSHLB). This is the largest and most widely recognized spiritual healer accreditation board. It's also the most reputable.

    • Any other kind of license attracts unwanted interest from state and provincial licensing boards and federal agencies like the FDA, FTC and Health Canada.

The Really Good News

The largest and most reputable certification boards in the alternative, holistic, integrative, and natural health, healthcare, natural therapies, nutrition and wellness industry are listed in the database by the name Accedited Health and Nutrition Certification Boards. See PHAOA.

Professionals certified by other boards may qualify based on education and experience. See the PHAOA website for a list of accredited certification boards.

Then see the FSHLB for a list of accredited license boards. Make your choices and check them all out. If you don't have any luck, find out what you need to do to qualify. Check with Coach 4 Health for this information.

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