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How To Make Tax Exempt Income

Step 1: Become an Associate or Professional Member of BANA.

Step 2: You obtain your own private tax-exempt health association.

Step 3: You can receive tax-exempt income for the following purposes:

Coaching, educating, instructing, mentoring, supervising, teaching and training your clients.

Demonstrating equipment, devices, skills, techniques and the use of these things to your clients.

Marketing and selling audio tapes, correspondence courses, seminars, webinars, workshops, videos, other educational materials and books.

Association fees.

Step 4: You can legally spend that money in the following ways:

Rent or purchase payments and utilities for the association.

Overhead, Internet and telephone expenses for the association.

Marketing materials and products used for the purposes listed above.

Contract labor and wages. (Yes you can contract or employ yourself.)

Any other expenses that further your nonprofit mission of educating members according to the Association's Mission Statement. This can include your expenses to present public education programs and to improve your own education and skills in the things you do for the benefit of association members.

Step 5: You can legally use any surplus for any purpose that furthers the Association's Mission and Purpose.

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