Health Coach Association of North America
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Benefits of Membership

Membership is available to all properly certified and/or licensed professionals in the professions served by this association. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.


We Offer Three Membership Options

1. Education Organizations with an Established Instructor

2. Professional Membership for properly credentialed professionals

3. Associate Membership for those starting and building their business


1. Benefits for Education Organizations

All Education Organizations receive all of the Benefits for Professional Members listed below, plus...

Your School will Become Fully Accredited by the American Accreditation Commission

Private Membership Education Associations of America is the trustee for charitable grants to approved education organizations that can qualify for accreditation. If you want to become accredited, we will assign an accreditation consultant to help your school qualify.

You may need to add some required courses and improve the instruction of other courses or outsource some courses to qualify. If you decide to stop the accreditation process, we will refund the fee you paid to become accredited. You will be re-classified as a Professional Member.

If you decide to move ahead with the accreditation process, your consultant will complete your application and file it with your permission. At that time, PMEAA will pay your $2500.00 accreditation application fee. You will be kept fully apprised of your school's accreditation status. If for any reason your school cannot qualify for accreditation, your school will be reclassified as a Professional Member. Your consultant will continue to work with you to achieve accreditation as soon as possible.

We will continue to pay your annual $1500.00 accreditation renewal fee ($125.00 per month) each year you remain a member of this Association. Ten percent, $150.00 of your accreditation renewal payment, will come from your annual dues. The other 90% will be paid by the grant managed by PMEAA.

2. Benefits for Professional Members

All Professional Members receive all of the benefits listed below:

1. Personal Private Organization Formed Under Constitutional Law as an association or education organization

2. Nonprofit Tax-exempt Satus for Your Personal Private Organization and we'll file your business tax return

3. Your Clients Assume Responsibility for Themselves

Your organization is set up with you to coach, empower. mentor and supervise your clients; demonstrate products and techniques; educate, instruct, teach, train and tutor your clients; and test or examine the knowledge your clients have regarding their own health, natural therapies, nutrition and wellness.

Your clients make their own decisions and hold the organization and you harmless for the results they obtain by making their own decisions. You are not required to carry malpractice insurance because your clients make their own decisions -- you don't.

4. Professional Members also have all of the benefits listed for Associate Members

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Benefits For Associate Members

Unlimited Web Hosting Package:

1. Unlimited Memory
2. Unlimited Number of Pages
3. Unlimited Number of Visitors
4. Unlimited Bandwidth
5. Free SSL Certificate

Authenticity Verified and Veracity Verified will certify:

1. You are whom you say you are,
2. You do what you say you do,
3. You publish verifiable truth,
4. You publish credible materials,
5. Your website is authentic,
6. Your website is verifiable, and
7. Your veracity is verified.

The truth is the public distrusts everything on the Internet except: independently verified authentic websites.

The public spends more time and money on websites independently certified to be credibly honest.

Your Fans (Endorsements) Website:

1. Build an effective promotional website.
2. Say things about you that you can't normally say.
3. Quote your clients and friends.
4. Let your fans tell the truth about how you helped them.
5. Let other people make claims for you that you cannot legally make.

Other People Promoting you is a Good Thing.

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Professional and Associate Members also have all of the benefits listed below.

Additional Benefits For All Members


All members are entitled to wholesale pricing for their professional liability insurance. Non-members will pay considerably more.

Please read the article on What You Need to Know About Insurance.

Great Newsletter:

All members are entitled to receive Natural Therapies News, a monthly current events newsletter for alternative, holistic, integrative and natural health, nutrition, therapies and wellness professions.

All members are entitled to enroll in all "free" webinars and courses -- which are announced in our newsletter. "Free" means members get in free. All others pay.

Monthly Tips for:

1. Growing and Expanding Your Business

2. Protecting Yourself, Your Business and Your Clients

3. Becoming More Professionally Credible

Free and Inexpensive Web Services:

If you don't have a professional website, the chances are you're only reaching 20% of your potential clients. Research shows most people -- 80% of all Americans -- check professionals on the Internet before they buy any products services. If you're not there, they don't buy.

We recommend these free and inexpensive resources to you:

1. Free Web Building Software and Training

You are entitled to free web building software and training by videos and articles to build your own personal website. You can teach yourself how to build and manage a professional website. Please read Modern Marketing 101 for more insights about building your business in today's economy.

2. Members also receive a deeply discounted price to have your website built for you.

3. Professional banners are available to members at our wholesale cost through IPX Banners


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