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Healthcare Alliance is a management company specializing in addiction and mental health treatment. Through our treatment centers, we are able to facilitate individualized, holistic care for each client who seeks our help.

Healthcare Alliance was founded with the intent of positively impacting the scope of addiction and mental health treatment. The pioneers behind Healthcare Alliance have personally struggled with substance addiction and mental health in the past, during which time they observed what treatment strategies were effective and which were not. Their shared first-hand experiences forged the innovative framework that each center within the organization has applied to their individual treatment structure.

At Healthcare Alliance, we are proud to have developed an exhaustive treatment network that addresses addiction and mental health at all stages. Two of our centers, Asheville Recovery Center and Oasis Recovery, provide intensive addiction care and aftercare services. Knoxville Recovery Center provides early-stage addiction and mental health treatment, with an on-site detox clinic. Asheville Detox is the newest addition to the Healthcare Alliance network, offering addiction-specific detox services to the Asheville area and beyond.

About Healthcare Alliance

At Healthcare Alliance, we care for your mind, body, and spirit. Unlike other addiction and mental health treatment centers, we believe in treating the individual as a whole, not simply targeting the disorder and applying antiquated treatment strategies. By trusting the professionals at any of our facilities, you are putting your trust in clinically-trained experts who have been in the exact place you are now. With Alliance Healthcare, achieving recovery has never been more possible.