Asheville Recovery Center

Asheville Recovery Center was founded by individuals with personal experience of addiction and alcoholism, who have achieved long-term sobriety. These individuals believe that everyone who suffers from addiction has the right and the ability to achieve long-term recovery if they are given the tools necessary.

Real recovery comes from accountability, love, and community.

The mission statement of the Asheville Recovery Center is to bridge the gap between twelve-step-based treatment models and clinical addiction treatment models and offer treatment that approaches addiction from both perspectives. Addiction treatment services at Asheville Recovery Center are informed by advances in mental health and addictions treatment and evidence-based therapeutic methods alongside elements of 12-step recovery, such as accountability, tough love, and fellowship.

Bridging The Gap

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Founded by People in Recovery, For People in Recovery

Services at Asheville Recovery Center include our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Our partial hospitalization program, or PHP, serves as an option for clients who need full-time day residential addiction treatment for a condition but who also want to live at home, in a sober living facility, or outside of traditional residential treatment. These programs offer immersive and effective addiction treatment while allowing semi-independent living for clients who have already completed inpatient treatment or who don’t require that level of care. Our PHP track may be ideal for clients who need primary treatment but are unable to enroll in an inpatient program, as well as for clients who need post-residential treatment. Offerings contained in the PHP track include clinical services, individual therapy, group therapy, twelve-step facilitation, and holistic therapy.


Our Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment Services

Individual Therapy

Our clients in outpatient therapy will be able to meet weekly with their therapist for individual sessions. Group therapy and family therapy are also available, but individualized therapy sessions allow clients to explore the root causes of addiction more thoroughly.

Group Therapy

Addiction treatment centers regularly utilize group therapy as a method of educating and preparing patients for life after treatment. Therapists lead group therapy sessions and invite recovering addicts to come together and share their experiences.

Family Therapy

It’s important to remember that addiction is a family issue, and it doesn’t solely impact the individual who is habitually using substances; it also impacts all the people who care about him or her. Seeing a loved one slip down the path of addiction can stir up unhealthy feelings and reactions. Family counseling services can assist your family in recovering.

Addiction Treatment

Our goal is to assist individuals with substance abuse issues to live healthier lives by tackling the underlying causes of addiction. We realize that addiction has a unique impact on each individual personally and that cookie-cutter treatment is ineffective. Every person that comes to us for help receives an individual treatment plan.

Alternative Therapies

Asheville Recovery Center staff believe that alternative forms of holistic therapy help addicts recover from their troubled pasts and set themselves up for a more promising future. Research and experience demonstrate that traditional forms of therapy, such as individual and group therapy, are more effective when combined with alternative therapies such as yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi.


Many people mistakenly believe that receiving addiction treatment is the one cure-all for addictive behavior. At Asheville Recovery Centre, we realize that receiving additional treatment, particularly aftercare services, increases the probability of long-term sobriety and successful recovery.