Intervention Specialist Services

We Can Make the Hardest Moments a Little Easier

Staging an intervention should be approached with the utmost sensitivity. Individuals struggling with addiction may lash out, become violent, or inflict self-harm when they feel attacked. Because of these possible reactions, it is highly suggested to seek assistance from a professional intervention specialist.
At HCANA, our intervention specialist service serves families who find themself in these dire situations. An intervention specialist’s fundamental role is to help lay the foundation for recovery while helping loved ones understand the behaviors of substance abusers and their reactions to these behaviors. As the very nature of an intervention will typically take the addict by surprise, it is imperative to retain a sense of control in a situation that may become potentially hostile and negative. Not only will specialists have the necessary training, but they’ll also be trained with the experience and knowledge needed to communicate positively with each party member involved – including your struggling loved one.