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Who We Are

Health Care Alliance North America (HCANA) started with Oasis Recovery Center in Asheville, NC. Our founders wanted to create an addiction treatment center that treated clients as individuals, casting aside the impersonal and apathetic approaches used by other providers, including the recovery centers they attended themselves. Four years later, as Oasis Recovery was established as a leader in the recovery community, our founders knew the next step was to increase our services to reach people who needed urgent help across all levels of care, and HCANA was born.

Since 2018, HCANA has opened a dedicated detox facility in Asheville near Mission Hospital, a 24/7 residential treatment center in Knoxville, TN, and a holistic and adventure-based treatment center in Ocoee, TN. As we expand, we are dedicated to ensuring that our services maintain the same quality and individualized care across all our centers. Every aspect of treatment is intentional, from our clinicians customizing treatment plans and empathizing with clients to the joyful conversations and snacks our transportation providers gladly offer as they take clients to and from the centers.

Individualized Care At Every Stage of Recovery

Health Care Alliance NA is dedicated to helping individuals throughout the treatment process, providing the right support and resources at each level of care.

Medical Detox

Pushing through withdrawal symptoms by yourself can be uncomfortable and medically dangerous. It's also the most common stage where individuals give in to the cravings and relapse. Our medical detox programs in Asheville, NC, and Knoxville, TN, provide 24-hour, safe, and comfortable withdrawal management and medication-assisted treatment. No matter the severity of withdrawal symptoms, medical detox is the perfect way to physically and mentally prepare clients for the rest of their journey.

Available at Knoxville Recovery Center and Asheville Detox Center

Residential Treatment

In residential treatment, clients live on-site with 24-hour care and support. Each day includes various evidence-based therapy sessions, holistic healing classes, nutritional and psychoeducation workshops, and more. Every day is intentionally filled with engaging and supportive activities to help clients explore their emotions and create positive coping mechanisms in a safe and compassionate environment.

Available at Knoxville Recovery Center

Partial Hospitalization Treatment

Partial hospitalization treatment (PHP) is a step down from inpatient care and is perfect for clients who don’t need 24-hour supervision but want to stick to a structured treatment plan. HCANA also works with sober living homes near each treatment center to help clients who want to attend PHP during the day and return to a positive healing environment in the evening.

Available At Oasis Recovery Center and Oasis River Recovery

Day Treatment

Day treatment is perfect for clients who want the same structure as partial hospitalization but don’t need to be connected to a sober living home. It’s one of our most flexible program options, providing an equal balance between healing from addiction and maintaining personal responsibilities.

Available At Oasis Recovery Center

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Intensive outpatient treatment is the lowest level of care we provide and is perfect for clients who want to maintain recovery skills as they fully integrate back into their home life, careers, schooling, and passions. Clients can attend treatment during the day, evening, and weekends. It's all based on their schedule and how often they want support.

Available At Oasis II


Graduates from any of our treatment centers can access local aftercare services, regardless of their proximity to our facility. This includes connections to therapists, psychiatrists, addiction or mental health support groups, 12-step meetings, sober living homes, other outpatient treatment centers, and more. Additionally, all clients are invited to join the HCANA alumni family, maintaining connections with peers and staff who shared in one of the most transformative periods of their lives.

Available at All Centers

Our Centers

Interactive Map

Discover our network of addiction treatment facilities through our interactive map. Each pinpoint represents one of our five centers, providing detailed information about the services offered, visiting hours, and contact details. Find the center nearest you to learn more about how we can assist in recovery.

Transformations at Health Care Alliance, N.A.

See what our clients have to say about our centers!

Dana R.

Review for Oasis Recovery Center

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Oasis recovery helped me become the spiritually healing person I am now. The staff is amazing, the classes are intriguing, and the activities are super FUN!!! Oasis completely changed my life for the better so I highly recommend this treatment facility!!!! Not only is it amazing, but it helped me restart and pushed me to be my best self. I’m super thankful for Oasis and all the staff <3

Logan J.

Review for Knoxville Recovery Center

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I have had the most amazing experience here. The staff is amazing as well, they have treated me like family. I will never forget these people, seriously I love y’all. Thanks to my therapist for taking time daily to meet with me and make sure my needs are met. My groups taught me everything I need as a foundation to early recovery I have took my recovery seriously. U get what u want out of it. But thank you KRC for changing my life. I love you all forever.

Jeff K.

Review for Asheville Detox Center

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At the lowest point of my life, I couldn't have found a better place to reset and restore myself. The facility was top notch, the group therapy was meaningful, the individual sessions were insightful, the medicine education was highly valuable. I couldn't speak more highly of the staff who were all wonderful, positive and professional. These people actually care. This facility truly knows how to get back to yourself and living life again.

Justin M.

Review for Oasis River Recovery

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I wasn't sure what to expect when I got here. I just knew I needed something different. I knew I needed a place to heal, adventure, and find myself again. From the moment I started the process I found a welcoming and supportive staff that helped me get admitted. From there I was met with tons of support, adventure and an environment that was conducive to healing. ORR thanks for making me feel safe and able to explore what sobriety looks like for me. I appreciate everything!

Marco J.

Review for Oasis Recovery Center

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Had a terrific experience at Oasis recovery. The staff are very professional and accommodating. The quality of the treatment is top tier which is the substance of any good addiction treatment. I would recommend to a friend or loved one.

Noelle D.

Review for Knoxville Recovery Center

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I had completely lost hope in treatment facilities because of a traumatic experience at a facility I didn’t belong in. Going to Knoxville Recovery Center was one of the best decisions I’ve made. They restored my faith in treatment. The staff is absolutely fantastic. The facility is clean and the food is healthy and delicious. I always felt safe. I was able to channel my artistic side in the art room. The other clients were amazing as well. I made lifelong connections with both the staff and clients. I’m hoping to join the team on the therapy side in 2 years. Best treatment facility ever!!!

How Is Treatment Paid For?

Our centers accept most major insurance providers and insurance ofter covers the cost of treatment. If you’d like to see if you or a loved are covered, please fill out the form below.

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  • Health Care Alliance. N.A. has years of experience treating addiction and is in-network with many insurance providers.
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  • Your insurance provider will not be notified or contacted by completing this form.
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Additional Resources

Our goal is to help individuals and their families understand how addiction works, learn what's involved in the treatment process, and hear stories from others who have found success at our treatment centers.