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Treatment Programs


Clients who’ve completed any of our treatment programs can sign up for aftercare support, regardless of if they live near our facilities. We can connect individuals with resources that still focus on their unique substance use and mental health needs. This can include local therapists, psychiatrists, support groups, 12-step meetings, outpatient centers, Alumni events, and more. Aftercare is available at all HCANA centers.

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Understanding Aftercare Planning

Aftercare is tailored for individuals who have started their recovery journey with our basic addiction services and are ready to advance to more intensive treatment programs. Once a client is stable, they are encouraged to engage in ongoing treatment. Our skilled case managers collaborate with clients to find a suitable program that aligns with their individual preferences and needs.

At our centers, we strive to ensure a seamless transition to the addiction treatment program that best suits your comfort level. Preferences vary—some clients may choose to stay close to home while others find it beneficial to seek treatment further away. Similarly, some may opt for long-term treatment programs, whereas others might commit to shorter durations.

Harrison from Knoxville Recovery Center covers the aspects of aftercare.

What's Included In Our Aftercare Programs

Our aftercare programs are tailored to support ongoing recovery with a range of services and treatment options:

  • Ongoing Individual Therapy and Counseling: We facilitate connections with local therapists and clinicians for regular therapy sessions—weekly, biweekly, or monthly. These sessions are crucial for maintaining recovery skills and addressing emerging challenges.
  • Support Groups: Both in-person and virtual group therapy sessions are available, allowing alumni to share their experiences and discuss challenges they’ve encountered post-treatment.
  • Alumni Events and Reunions: Graduates of our program are welcomed into the Oasis Alumni Community. This group organizes weekly support meetings, private social media groups, reunions, social outings, and community events, fostering a strong support network.
  • Relapse Prevention Planning: Clients have regular meetings with aftercare specialists to refine and update their strategies for coping with new triggers, cravings, or high-risk situations.
  • Family Follow-up Counseling: We provide opportunities for the families and friends of clients to meet regularly with their loved one’s clinician to discuss progress and address any concerns post-treatment.
  • Medication Management: For those dealing with mental health issues or substance cravings, ongoing medication management or dual diagnosis treatment is available through our aftercare services.
  • Partnerships with Sober Living Homes: For clients who need a stable living environment during their recovery journey, we offer connections to local sober living homes.

Why Aftercare Matters

Studies indicate that prolonged support in addiction treatment significantly boosts the likelihood of successful recovery. Reintegrating into society without solid coping mechanisms can be perilous, with the majority of overdose deaths occurring shortly after exiting residential treatment. For many, engaging in aftercare is crucial to maintaining sobriety.

At our centers your health and safety are paramount. Our entry-level treatment program is designed to prepare clients for further treatment. Our aftercare planning team will assist you throughout your transition to continued care at an external facility, addressing any concerns you might have along the way.