Knoxville Recovery Center

Our center was founded by individuals who have struggled with addiction and mental health disorders and now enjoy life in recovery. Through their shared personal experiences with treatment, our founders identified flaws within the standard rehabilitation model which inspired them to forge a new, holistic archetype.

Founded By People In Recovery, For People In Recovery

Knoxville Recovery Center focuses on the preparatory stage of addiction and mental health treatment, prioritizing client stabilization and readiness for continued treatment outside of our center. Our goal at Knoxville Recovery Center is to support clients’ personal development, motivate them to confront their disorder, and equip them with the tools to do so. Our center provides a clinical detox facility, residential programs for those seeking addiction and mental health services, a therapeutic nutrition program, and aftercare planning.

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At Knoxville Recovery Center, we do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. That is why we have developed several treatment programs to ensure that every client receives the individualized care

With decades of combined experience working in the addiction and mental health treatment fields, our specialists know what it takes to achieve and maintain sobriety. Our holistic therapies at Knoxville Recovery Center include art therapy, music therapy, and experiential therapy. By encouraging clients to express themselves, they feel motivated to reclaim their voice through artistic expression. These creative practices foster acceptance and reinforce a commitment to life in recovery. The introductory addiction and mental health services offered at our center successfully expose clients to life in recovery and prepare them for continued treatment.


Our Alcohol & Drug Addiction
Treatment Services

Medical Detox

Because of the physical stress of withdrawal and medical complications that may occur during the process, medical detox is an important first step on the road to recovery. Our specialized staff provides 24/7 clinical supervision in order to ensure that all clients are comfortable and safe during this initial phase of their recovery journey.

Mental Health Treatment

Our primary goal is to aid patients in achieving overall wellness. We believe that lifelong well-being is dependent on a healthy mind. We will collaborate to address prior trauma, treat co-occurring issues, and establish healthy behavioral thought patterns following treatment.

Addiction Treatment

Knoxville Recovery Center is honored to be able to offer exceptional care to our clients. Our treatment approach combines traditional treatment with alternative and holistic therapies in order to help individuals recover and live fulfilling lives. Clients will find support among their peers and professionals as they work towards a better future.

Aftercare Treatment

Aftercare services are available for individuals who want to pursue more intensive treatment after they are stabilized and ready to move forward. Our case managers will help our clients find the correct program for them after they have completed one of our treatment programs.

Therapeutic Nutrition Program

This program combines nutrition with holistic exercise to provide a comprehensive, therapeutic experience. During the nutritional aspect of the program, clients receive meal planning and nutrition instruction, while the holistic aspect introduces them to yoga, mindful meditation, and breathwork, among other exercises.

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a natural red or near-infrared light treatment. The procedure has many health perks such as reducing stress, boosting energy, improving concentration, and promoting restful sleep, among others. Red light therapy beds are similar to tanning beds but without the dangers of UV exposure. This therapy is optional and available to all clients.